Buy It rather seeking temporary fence panels for rental near me

temporary fence panels for rental near me

Before you are want to rent temporary fencing from local; or research keywords: “temporary fence panels for rental near me” why not consider importing from china, on the conditions of the quantity is large enough; We Have been providing our customers worldwide with competitive prices and reliable OEM safety fencing and sales services since 2014, making us a market leader in a temporary fence for construction site sales. We offer types of temporary fencing systems and products, pre-galvanized temporary fencing and powder-coated temporary fence, including:

Why Choose us

  • BMP has an advanced automatic wire welding production line to ensure the lead time even in peak season. Additionally, we have many skilled welders with over ten years of experience to provide you with high-quality fences while meeting the delivery schedule. Our goal is to keep the site safe and secure by making your construction site operation or activity run smoothly with our types of temporary fencing. Ideal for infrastructure, civil, industrial, commercial, building and demolition sites, home builders, landscaping, etc. Our temporary fence systems can be installed quickly and easily without the need to dig holes or lay foundations to disturb surface areas.
  • As a professional temporary fencing manufacturer and supplier in China, BMP has been in the construction industry since 2014. We mainly provide three types of fence, Australian temporary fencing, heras fence, and Canada temporary fence.
  • Advantage of Import Temporary Fence Rather than “temporary fence panels for rental near me.”
  • BMP provides our clients from the United Kingdom and Ireland the heras fence with the best quality, and all products strictly comply with BS 1722-18-2011.
  • The BMP heras fence panel has two types: the round top heras fence panel and the square top panel; the Heras fence panel is 3.5m in length and 2.0m in height. The gap between the horizontal bottom tube and the ground is 152mm (5″).
  • The frame of BMP heras fence panels, including any joints, withstand a 7KN force; the complete panel can carry 1 575kg with no welds failing. And the infill mesh can withstand 6.0kg for 20 seconds as per the standard requirement. What’s more, we also provide Australian and New Zealand clients with the temporary fence of the best quality; all products strictly comply with AS 4687-2007. Many companies in China supply the Temporary fence to Australia but most of them have no idea about AS 4687.
  • BMP has enough knowledge of this standard, and BMP’s temporary fence strictly conforms to it. Simulated Climbing Test
  • BMP temporary fence panel can successfully support a 65kg test load without overturning.
  • Impact Test BMPsingle fence panel assembled with the addition of a single, interlocking back brace can bear an impact collision of 150 joules, without visible sign of cracking, no overturning, and the dynamic deflection is less than 300mm. Infill Aperture Test 3.1 The infill aperture horizontal width was measured to be 60mm, less than the specified maximum of 75mm.
  • A test block measuring 76mm x 76mm could not be passed through the rectangular-shaped mesh infill.
  •  Infill downward load test resulted in a deflection of 5mm, less than the specified permissible maximum of 35mm.
  • Wind Force Overturning Test A BMP Temporary Fence panel fitted with footings, one interlocking back brace, and a single foot block that can bear the wind speed of 24m/s meets the minimum wind speed requirement for Region A-D (AS 4687-2007‬)

BMP provides our Australian and New Zealand clients with the best quality temp fence panels; all products strictly comply with AS 4687-2007.

BMP Heras Fence complies with BS 1722-18-2011 standard. The heras panel size is 3.5m in length and 2.0m in height.

A BMP supply, either powder coated or galvanized temporary fence for the Canadian market, is flexible, versatile, and cost-effective.

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