what length and width of metal barriers you need ?

Which length metal barricade do you need? Eight ft., 7.5 ft., and 6.5 ft.

After deciding whether you’re going to rent or purchase your barricades, the next important decision you’ll need to make is which length barricade to choose.

Keep in mind: it’s better to purchase barricades of the same lengths than barricades of varying lengths.

(rolling carts designed to maneuver and store barricades) work best when loaded with uniform metal barriers. Crowd Control Barriers of multiple lengths aren’t designed to stack up against one another and will jostle around when the cart moves.

The best barricade length for your business or event will depend on whether you’re setting up a queue (a line that filters crowds from an entrance to an exit point) or a barrier (one unbroken line of metal barricades blocking a crowd).

If you’re setting up a queue… Purchase 6.5 ft. or 7.5 ft. barricades. To create tight corners, the smaller lengths are more efficient for setting up a winding queue (learn how to set up a queue here).

If you’re setting up a barrier… Purchase 8.5 ft. barricades. The longer the barricade, the less you’ll need to set up your barrier, which is particularly beneficial when setting up a very long straight line.

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