Canada Standard Temp Fence Panels For Sale

Temp construction fence panels for sale covered with 6’x9.6′ and 6′ x 9′ as well 10′ width suit most of the requirements of Canada market INTERPON powder coated available any color with the brace as stay design fencing panels stand sturdy even in the high wind area


temporary fence for Canada

Canada Standard temporary fence comprises welded wire mesh panels and square pipes. And there is a square pipe in the middle of the welded wire mesh panel to support it and make it more durable. And it can be PVC coated, powder-coated, galvanized or painted. Its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on a short-term of temporary fence panels to suit your site-specific requirements. Our temp fence panels are designed and constructed to be the most robust and durable industry. These fences for sale since 2006 years. They can be installed quickly and easily, and They can be free-standing or anchored into any surface.

Parts Of Temp Fence Panels

temp fence panels for sale


 temporary chain link fence&weld temporary fence panels, Usual Standard  Powder coating 6’x9′ 6’x9.5′ and 6’x10′ portable chain link fence panels & Weld Mesh Temporary Fence,4’x9′ 8’x10′ etc. powder coating minimum 80 microns available all RAL color such blue, orange, yellow, black, grey etc. the frame 25mm 30mm 40mm and so on meet all requirements


 Temporary Fence Clamp Top Connector to Secured Neighborhood Fencing Panels we offer three deigns, construction fence in the format of weld mesh and temporary chain link fence; as a fence supplies company, we offer service to those contractors and rent fencing companies. These Temporary Fence Panare els Mainly sold to the USA. 


 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Plate Then Powder Coated All color available various of size strong recommend spec 863x89x10mm thickness heavy-duty steel flat base two edge side with 12mm hole can let soil pin go through enable temporary fence panels to stand stabilizer differ with temporary chain link fence base these base are a flat steel design. 

Temp Fence Panels For Sale -Specifications

Temp Fence Panels Specifications

  • Wire Diameter 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, etc.
  • Mesh Opening (mm) 50×200,50×100,50×150,75x 100,75×150,etc.
  • H x W 6ft x 9ft, 6ft x 9.5ft, 6ft x 10ft, etc.
  • Outside Frame 25x25mm, 30x30mm
  • Middle Frame 20x20mm, 25x25mm
  • Frame Thickness 0.8mm,1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
  • Fence feet(L*W*T) 563x89x7mm, 863x89x8mm,etc
  • Accessories top clip to connect two panels
  • Color blue, green, red, dark green, orange etc
  • Surface Finish galvanized + powder coated.

All sizes can be customized according to request

Details of Temp Fence Panels For Sale

Consist of Temp Fence Panels

construction temp fence panels for sale

  Our standard panels are available in 6’H x 9.5’L or 6’H x 10’L panels with either powder coated or hot dipped galvanized finished, but we can customize quickly for any size, color or finish to perfectly suit your needs at the best available price.  Made with quality materials and leading construction techniques, our fencing is engineered to deliver the best value for your solution at a great price. Also known as the portable fence, security fence, or construction fence; Our temporary fencing is quick to set up and easy to move and is ideal for restricting access or containing a site and is commonly seen at construction sites, public events, like a dog run, or anywhere crowd control is essential. 


Packing of Temp Fence Panels

  •  1. The panels of the temporary construction fence: wrapped with plastic film, to keep the panels clean);
  •       2. The Clamps of temporary construction fence: in small carton box, to avoid damage;
  •       3. The metal bases of temporary construction fence: in bulk or on your request. 
packing fence panels


 Our temporary fence can be used many times, so it is widely used for construction, significant sporting events, and warehouse protection. Besides, this fence is trendy in rental companies. 

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