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construction fence panels

Construction Fence Panels

Construction Fence Panels are divided into weld mesh temp fence panels and and chain link temporary fence panels whether chain link temp fence panels or weld mesh panels the outer frame are fully welded ,according to our rich market experience we are happy to share following suggestions to customers preparing to purchase portable fence.


Construction Fence Panels In Difference Countries 

Customers In U.S market customers generally purchase 6’x9.5’ and 6’x10’ weld mesh temporary fence welded by 25mmx25mm square tubes then electrostatic sprayed and chain link construction fence panels ‘6’ X10 ‘6’ X12 ‘8’ X10 ‘8’ X12 ‘ most of customers in the Canadian market are 6’ x9.5’ ‘6’ X10 ‘welded mesh temp  fence panels ;Australian Customers prefer temporary fence panels welded by 32mm round tubes such as 2.1mx2.4m infilled mesh wire come with 60mmx150mm, wire diameter is generally 2.70mm, 3.00mm, 4.00mm.Recently years in order to improve the safety of construction workers, edge protection fence as new style construction fence in the market

American Construction Chain Link Fence Panels


Our Temporary Chain Link  Construction Fence Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating  Complied With ASTM A392-06 Standards and the 36″ Base Stands for Added Stability • Width: 12′ 14′ Height: 4′, 6′, 8′ 


Chain link Panel Fencing is an excellent perimeter security solution when a post-driven fence installation is not a viable option. Easy to transport and secure into place, above-ground panel fencing provides a sturdy and reliable barrier for many job site applications. Temporary panels comply with ASTM A392-06 standards, have superior exposure and corrosion resistance, and are perfect for the demands of an outdoor construction site. Some of the most common uses for chain link fence panels include high-rise commercial construction sites, home developments, highway projects, and storefront renovations 

Features & Benefits:

  •  Easy to Install, 
  • Maintain & Remove 
  •  Eliminates Digging Setting Posts 
  • Installs on a Variety of Surfaces  
  • Repositions Easily for Extended Use
  •  Alternative to In-Ground Posts 

Applications :

  • Commercial Construction Housing
  • Developments Remodels
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Public Works Projects
  •  Post-Disaster Reconstruction 

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temp construction fence clamp Center Distance 2″ 3″ 4″ Hot dipped Galvanized finished temporary fence panels coupler

Temp Fence Stand

Temorary Fence Stands Available square design and oval design steel fence base our temporary fence panels can stand well in the high wind area.

Plastic Stands

temporary fence panels base UV 10 rating fence base available all colour option these temporary fencing panels made by the highest quality Q235 steel


Our Temporary Fencing Panels uses high quality mild steel wire and galvanized tube as raw material, the infill mesh and frame pipe are tightly wrapped together by tension bars and tension bands.The finished temporary chain link fencing is strong enough and durable for all job site, either uneven ground, sporting events or sloping sites.Follow Photo list all specification we sell good in USA Market

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