Crowd Control Barriers and Barricades China Facotry Direct Supply

Crowd Control Barriers are kinds of fence panels that help you guide clients or gather traffic flow; they are also called steel barriers or metal barriers made of Q235 Steel or Stainless Steel. Before you purchase any crowd control barriers from us, there is some basic knowledge to share with you; firstly, bend the frame to a certain degree. Secondly, punch holes on the horizontal rails, the inner upright cut particular size before it inserted into the frame before welding. Thirdly, they are welded together by a customized vertical spacing with an interlocking hinge system and removable steel feet to ensure stability and safety. Finally, they are hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated colors to anti-rust to last longer.


Hot dipped Galvanized,  Pre-Galvanized, Powder-coated Available All RAL colors 

Hot dipped galvanized metal barriers are one of the expensive product; indeed, the service life of fence barriers are 20 years +inside and outside of barriers with a minimum 610gram/m2 zinc layers

All Pre-galvanized Crowd Control Barriers we supplied crowd control fencing are fully welding, and upright tube insert the frame tubes and  pre-galvanized materials always a lower price 

Powder-coated crowd control barricade available any you prefer color after coating minimum coated an 80 microns thickness powder layers The BARRIERS available all RAL Colors

Design of Crowd Control Barriers

The Fence  Barriers we supplied available light-duty and heavy-duty designs so that we can always meet customers budget 


Foot Options of Crowd Control Barriers

As one of the Leaders Direct Metal  Barriers manufacturers, We provide a series of alternative options for the foot of barriers such as cross foot, flat steel footbridge design foot, V foot, Wheel Foot  Choose a customized foot of Steel Barriers is not only concern with the crowd control fencing panels stand stability bad or good but also direct effect you sell in local. Among all types of Barriers Foot, The Flat steel Base and Bridge Types Foot was the most popular!

Hot Sale Barriers Foot
bridge foot crow control barriers

Flat steel plate feet come with two pins holes, ensuring the control barriers stand more stable. Steel Barricades flat base can easily change bolt-on bases for repairs. Our flat base units come with two flat bases designed for 90 degree turns in your line of steel barriers. This base is designed for a  wide range of optional diameter tube barricade frames. Flat feet are recommended on flat, even surfaces. Barriers can bolt them to the ground for a more permanent fixture. Flat feet “pairs” come with two identical feet.


  • Easily drilled into surfaces for a permanent fixture
  • Feet can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage
  • Take up less surface area than bridge feet, reducing tripping hazards


  • Less stability on uneven surfaces
  • Feet do not come attached; must be assembled before use

Bridge feet are capable of any terrain. Our bridge base units come with a Large and Small base designed for 90 degree turns in your line of steel barriers. This base is designed for a wide range of diameter tube barricade frames. 

Bridge feet are removable from the barricade frame tubes for easy storage when laid flat. Bridge feet “pairs” come with one large bridge foot and one small bridge foot. The large and small feet allow for barricades to be set up perpendicular, creating a corner so the feet can overlap without obstacle. Bridge feet are recommended to increase stability and sturdiness when barricades on uneven or inclined surfaces.


  • Wide-stance provides extra stability on hills and uneven surfaces
  • Feet can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage


  • Feet do not come attached; must be assembled before use

Specifications of Crowd Control Barriers

8.5ft Metal Barricades

7.5 ft  Barriers

Black-powder coated Crowd Steel Pedestrian Barriers

8.5 crowd control barriers

crowd control fencepowder coated crowd control barriers

our 8.5foot barriers are made in hot-dipped galvanized steel marine standard. The 8.5 foot long covered more ground than other Metal Barricades you saw in the market. Our crowd control fencing is available in various foot designs, and powder-coated difference color powders

Our 7.5foot barriers available heavy duty and light duty design all they make in standard marine steel meet all levels of weather conditions. The single-frame design   7.5 Foot crowd control fencing Heavy Duty Fixed Foot Steel Barricade can easily be hooked to another to create a long, continuous line of protection. 

Our Black powder coating steel barriers with an 8.5ft overall length with 0.5ft male and female locking system with flat or bridge design base. Our Crowd control fencing is made to comply with the industrial standard for long-term outdoor service life. marine standards enable these barriers with extreme weather protection and permanent outdoor storage 

Orange Powder-Barricades

Yellow Powder Coated Barricades

Interlocking metal Barricades

orange powder coated crowd control barriersyellow powder coated crowd control barriershot dipped galvanized barriers

Our crowd control barriers with a simple hooking mechanism to avoid one crowd control barriers removed from the line of continuous barriers. Equipped with removable barriers foot. The advantage of a flat steel base is ideal for a level surface to keep tripping hazards at a minimum and a bridge base for the grassy area and uneven terrain   

Our crowd control barricade & pedestrian barriers Yellow Powder coated crowd control barriers offer both an attractive and functional these crowd control barriers can meet all of environmental  The interlocking Pedestrian Barriers has many commercial and industrial applications. It can adapt to meet your changing requirements the easiness with which feet can move it and its removable feet, facilitating transportation. 

Our Metal barriers advantage 


  • Available in 3 finishes
  • Various options for types of feet
  • Highly durable
  • Easy storage

 Hot dipped galvanized crowd control barriers are with a more than 20 years service life hot-dipped galvanized 600gram/m2 crowd control fencing.

Weld Permanently and Detachable Barriers Foot

Weld Permanently Foot Barriers

Detachable Foot Barriers

Our fixed leg metal barriers are the ideal solution for the uneven terrain ground, which can help you mark footpath guide pedestrian flow in the safest level.These fixed leg metal barriers require no accessories and can efficiently deal with uneven terrain. Our crowd barriers are available in a galvanized finish as standard, which guards against rusting, but the barriers can be powder coated if required.  

Loose legs  with flat steel design, Loose Leg  Barriers Fit Together With Flat Metal Feet & Connect Directly To One Another. These Loose leg barriers are made using a top tube bar, which is bent to form the loose leg crowd barrier shape. A crowd control fencing second tube is then welded across the bottom of the barrier. The weakest part of these crowd barriers is where these two tubes are welded together. A circular tube welded to a circular tube does not allow for a large surface area on which to weld. 

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