5 ft chain link fence panels

5 ft chain link fence panels

Unevenly spaced interior openings are a gate installer’s worst nightmare, but here’s a contractor’s dream come true: The pro-grade Fit-Right Gate System. With models in 5 ft chain link fence panels and 6ft chain link fence panels that expand from 24″ to 72″ wide, it’s fast and easy to build tight-tolerance gates on-site, the first time. Even if your postholes are offset or not the perfect widths, it’s no longer an issue. Telescope the top and bottom rails to size and secure with the included tap screw, attach the chain link and trim, then mount. As with our products, Fit-Right Walk Gates are built sturdy to eliminate any potential sagging or dragging issues.

Simply put, they’re the definitive answer for fencing contractors interested in increasing crew efficiency and significantly decreasing the amount of wasted material hanging around the boneyard stockpile. Each kit includes a telescoping frame, hinges and latch, chain link, hardware and a truss-cable kit. The main features of the 5 ft chain link fence panels kit include: Built on-site to fit your gate opening perfectly – Works with chain link fence Contractor quality, DIY friendly – Comprehensive easy to understand illustrated instructions included This is the perfect gate building kit for homeowners and contractors alike. Over ONE Million Installed, Internationally. Simply the Best Gate Frame Available.

FEATURE OF 5FT Chain Link Fence Panels

  • CUSTOM SOLUTION: Fit-Right Frame Adjustable Walk Gate Kit fits openings of 24″ to 72″ wide is ideal for when you need a custom solution for a particular sized gate opening
  • ANTI-SAG CHAIN LINK GATE KIT: This gate hardware kit has a patented truss cable system that keeps your gate from sagging or dragging
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Adjust-A-Gate chain link gate kit is installed on-site to fit your gate opening every time perfectly
  • COMPLETE GATE KIT: Includes everything you’ll need to build a chain-link fence panels walk-through gate. Steel gate frame, powder-coated chain link, lockable latch, gate hinges, steel wire ties (posts and post hinges not included)
  • DRIVE-THROUGH DOUBLE GATE: Purchase 2 kits and a UL301 Drop Rod kit for building a double gate drive through up to 12′ wide
  • RUST, FADE & CHALKING FREE: From a galvanized finish
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Easy to install
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