Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel

6ft x 12ft And 6ft x10ft Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel

BMP   is a national brand with a good reputation for a high-quality Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel and reliable services. Just tell us the temporary chain link fence height, we provide the detailed specs of fence design, and then make the 3D Drawing of your event or construction site. So, you will know who is professional.


1. Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels Specs

  • Panel Size: 6ft x 12ft, 6ft x 10ft, 6ft x 8ft, 8ft x10ft, 8ft x 12ft
  • Frame: 1.25″/32 mm, 1.5″/38 mm, 1.6″/40 mm round optional
  • Chain Link Mesh Wire: 9 ga/2.9mm, 10.5 ga/2.7mm, 11 ga/2.3mm, 11.5 ga/2.2mm, 12 ga/2.0mm optional
  • Chain Link Mesh Size: 2″ (50 × 50 mm), 2.25″ (57 × 57 mm), 2.4″ (60 × 60 mm), 2.75″ (70 × 70 mm) optional
  • Cross Brace: Vertical, horizontal brace with 1″/1.25″ round or the same with frame O.D
  • Treatment: Pre-Galvanized pipe and panel welded, then galvanized spraying or hot dipped galvanized
  •  1725-2010 Chain Link Fabric Security Fences and Gates
  •  2423-2002 – Coated Steel Wire Fencing Products for Terrestrial, Aquatic and General Use
  •  54687-2007 –  Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

2. Chain Link Temporary Fence PanelCross Brace: 1″ or 1.25″ O.D,14 Gauge wall thick

  • Plus Bracing – Both vertical and horizontal bracing to impact strength from outside and wind to be durable panels
  • Vertical Bracing – The vertical brace (centred in frame horizontally) increases the strength and durability of the fence panel

3. The temporary chain link fence stands size 16″ x 36″, with 1-3/8″ diameter tubing and slightly smaller uprights for panels to fit over.

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4.  clamps

Pressed steel, 8 Gauge, Designed to join fence panels together, Hot-dipped galvanized silver colour,

Included 3/8″ x 2-1/2″ H.D.G. carriage bolt & nut; priced per Set.

5. Barb Wire, Razor Wire -Stop attempting to gain illegal access to your site

The barbed wire and razor wire can be along the top of our 6ft and 8ft height temporary chain link fences and matching gates.

Each wire type will discourage fence climbers. We advise customers to check with local laws to learn if barb/razor is permitted or violates a city ordinance.

Usually, three strands of barbed wire from post to post in a straight line or arranging the barb arms at a 45-degree angle. The latter method is rare because the barb sticks out into a walking path.


6. Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel Privacy Fence Screens, Windscreens

The privacy fence screens / windscreens fit 6ft or 8ft height chain link fences, which are polyethylene mesh to provide 88% privacy and 12% airflow.

Highly effective to dampen wind, resist water, mould and mildew, provide privacy and cut UV rays.

Very popular for temporary commercial use at construction sites, agricultural fields, emergency restoration areas or shelters, sports fields, courtyards, nurseries or gardens.


7.  gate

  • Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel Personal Gate: The gate of Temp Fence chain link fence is available with 3′ wide opening Pedestrian
    gate with hinges and pad-lockable latch, giving a path to safely and efficiently allow the crows.

  • Swing gates: The swing gate is fully open to allow trucks to pass through. A single swing gate is sufficient if the opening is 12 feet or less (such as a pedestrian entrance). Swing gates usually open inward (toward the property) unless impossible to do otherwise. Double swing gates are recommended for wider openings (vehicle entrances) as this configuration requires less room to operate than a single, more extended gate.


  • Slide gates: Allows sufficient room for the traffic of all kinds. Slide Gates require very little room to operate and are preferred when a construction area has limited space, such as near a roadway, property line, or permanent structure. The area around a slide gate must be level to allow each gate to move freely and parallel to the attached chain link fence for proper operation.

 8. Temporary chain link fence packing and loading

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9. Chain Link Temporary Fence Panel features

360° full welded tubular frame

Galvanized 60 or 28 microns to anti- corrosion

Installs on any surface, including ground, asphalt or concrete

ASTM A392-06 standard minimize the amount of corrosion

The welding corner joints are galvanized spray paint to cover any exposed metal.

Galvanized saddle clamps, nuts, bolts are used to attach panels.


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