chain link temporary fencing

1. chain link temporary fencing is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence.

2. chain link temporary fencing is also known as construction hoarding when used at construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at significant events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. Temporary fencing is often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites. It offers the benefits of affordability and flexibility.


chain link temporary fencing parameters

Panel Specification
(H × W)
6′ × 12′ (equal to 1.8 × 3.66 m).
Wire diameter 9 ga/2.9 mm, 10.5 ga/2.7 mm, 11 ga/2.3 mm, 11.5 ga/2.4 mm, 12 ga/2.0 mm optional.
Mesh opening 2″ (50 × 50 mm), 2.25″ (57 × 57 mm), 2.4″ (60 × 60 mm), 2.75″ (70 × 70 mm) optional.
Frame O.D. 1.25″/32 mm, 1.5″/38 mm, 1.6″/40 mm round optional.
Brace Cross, vertical, horizontal brace with 1″/2.54 mm round or the same with frame O.D.
Frame structure 360° full welded tubular frame.
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized.


Attached is way chain link temporary fencing Mesh wrapped around the flat bar then connected with clamps.

Galvanized wire wrapped with steel frame in a rather tense way.

Fence feet Specification
Material Steel plate, steel solid rod, steel pipe.
Fence feet type Square, oval, flat
Square/Oval feet Specification
(H × W × H)
36″ × 13.75″ × 20″ (915 × 350 × 200 mm)

30″ × 18″ × 20″ (760 × 460 × 200 mm) optional.

Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized.


Flat feet Specification
(H × W × TH)
23.6″ × 4.3″ × 0.3″ (600 × 110 × 8 mm)

35.4″ × 3.0″ × 0.25″ (900 × 80 × 7 mm) optional.

Hole size O.D. 19 mm.
Interior round steel rod/pipe 30 mm O.D. × 150 mm H.
Exterior square steel rod/pipe 30 × 30 × 150 mm.
Rod space 30 mm.
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized.


Clamp Specification
Clamp centre distance 80, 90, 100 mm optional.
Applied post O.D. 25, 28, 32, 38, 40, 42 mm optional.
Clamp TH 4 mm.
Bolt Length available 100/60/40 mm with a 10 mm and 8 mm outer diameter.
Nut 15.9 mm, 17 mm optional.
Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanized.


Weight 0.42 kg/set.
Accessory List 2 pieces clamps with 1 bolt and 1 nut.




Temporary Construction Fence Panels drawing :



Temporary Construction Fence Panels detailed picture:





  • 360° full welded tubular frame. All pipes are 360° full welding circled to ensure a firm fence structure. This can ensure that the temporary fencing is not damaged during the frequent moving process and will not be corrupted even in a hostile environment.
  • Handcraft techniques manufacture. Panels are filled with galvanized chain link mesh and wrapped around the frame tube with tension bars and tension bands by hand in a rather tense way.
  • Another option sturdy attached way. Available flat bar the use clamps to connect the two adjacent panels.


1. chain link temporary fencing comes with a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroying the panel.
2. The metal corners keep the pallet more vigorous and the wood plate on the panel pallet.
3. the metal plate under the plastic bandage to pressure for fence panel.
4. according to your request




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