Temporary Chain-link Fence For Sale


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Temporary Chain Link Fence For Sale uses high-quality mild steel wire and galvanized tubes as a raw material; the infill mesh and frame pipe are tightly wrapped together by tension bars and tension bands. The finished temporary chain link fencing is strong enough and durable for all site-specific requirements, either uneven ground or sloping sites.8×12 temporary chain link fence for sale in a highest 8′ height /2430mm and a width 3650mm when container loading all panels will packing in a vertical direction then put into container cause width of container loading 40hc is 2352mm, 2430mm height anti any climbers or not investors

Temporary chain link fence for sale also called mobile fence mesh, temporary police fence. Our temporary chain link fence is reaching Australian standard, which all are hot-dipped galvanized. They are popular in Australia, American, England, Africa markets. T

Temporary Chain-link Fence For Sale -Spec

8′ x 12′ “Great Wall Plus” temporary chain link fence panels
Chain wire diameter available hot-dip galvanized steel wire 9ga/2.90mm ,10.5ga/2.70mm 11 ga/2.30mm , 11.5 ga/2.40mm , 12 ga/2.00mm ,
Chain mesh available 2-1/4’(57mm x 57mm) , 2 “(50mm x50mm) , 2-2/5″(60mm x 60mm) ,2-3/4″(70mm x 70mm)
Frame constructed of galvanized 1-1/4″ diameter /32mm round tubing,1-1/2″ diameter /38mm round tubing,1-3/5″ diameter 40mm round tubing
Brace Cross, Vertical Upright, Horizontal usually 1″ round or same with frame tubing diameter
Block Size Optional 1 36” L X 13-3/4” W X 20” Height /915mm L X 350mm W X 200mm H
Block Size Optional 2 30” L X18” W X 20” Height /760mm L X 460mm W X 200mm H
Block Size Optional 3 23-3/5” x 8-3/5”x 6” /600 x 220 x 130mm center distance 3” /75mm HDPE foot filled water or concrete
Treated Fully hot-dipped galvanized 42 microns or PRE-galvanized 14 microns 28microns
Optional Accessories 1 PCS coupler center distance 2″ or 3″/ 50mm or 75mm
Welding All pipes are punched in R shape full welding 360° circled, and the foot has punched a hole in 350mm or 460mm full welding.
Attached way The available flat bar then use a clamp, or workers use galvanized wire wrapped with a steel frame in a rather tension way
Packing All metal pallet
MOQ 1x40HC container for a start
Payment TT
Shipping term CIF, FOB or Door to Door
Productions time 21 days
Made China
Design American
Brand “great wall plus “temporary fence

Temporary Chain-link Fence For Sale


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