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Temporary chain link fence home depot is a free-standing, self-supporting fence panel; the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together, making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications. A common type of temporary fencing is American fencing. Fence panels are supported with counter-weighted feet and have various accessories, including gates, handrails, and bracing, depending on the application.


A temporary chain link fence is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a fence is required on an interim basis for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence. It is also known as construction hoarding when used at construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at significant events and public restriction on industrial construction sites when guardrails are often used. Temporary fencing is often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites. It offers the benefits of affordability and flexibility.

temporary chain link fence home depot Advantages

  • Factory direct sales
  • Preferred material
  • Support customization
  • Easy to install
  • Use high-quality Q235 cold drawn low carbon steel wire to weld into a mesh
  • Adopt virgin dipping material, bright colour and good decoration
  • Corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, a wide range of uses


Wire Dia. Chain link mesh



panel Length Panel Height Frame tube
3mm 5Ox50mm

Surface treatment: I. Hot-dipped galvanized wire and tube welded 2. PVC coated after galvanized wire and tube welded



One person can install a temporary chain link fence at home depot, so it’s straightforward. In addition, the chain link mesh is better to protect against damage and can’t be out of shape. Due to the Galvanized surface treatment, the fence can be used for a more extended time. Generally, the use period is 3-5 years, and if the environment is better, it can be over five years.



Plastic feet:
We add steel bars and concrete for the plastic to increase the weight. So the base is more stable, and the fence system is more muscular.


Quality Testing

360° full welded tubular frame. All pipes are 360° full welding circled to ensure a firm fence structure. This can ensure that the temporary fencing is not damaged during the frequent moving process and will not be corrupted even in a hostile environment. Handcraft techniques manufactured. Panels are filled with galvanized chain link mesh and wrapped around the frame tube with tension bars and tension bands by hand in a rather tense way. Another option sturdy attached way. Available flat bar the use clamps to connect the two adjacent panels.

Photo temporary chain link fence home depot

6ftx10FT-Galvanized-Chain-Link-Temporary-Construction-Fencing-for-Rent.webp-6 6ftx10FT-Galvanized-Chain-Link-Temporary-Construction-Fencing-for-Rent.webp-2-1
6ftx10FT-Galvanized-Chain-Link-Temporary-Construction-Fencing-for-Rent.webp-3-1 6ftx10FT-Galvanized-Chain-Link-Temporary-Construction-Fencing-for-Rent.webp-5-1


  • 1. sports stadium
  • 2. business and industry
  • 3. factories and workshops
  • 4. public buildings
  • 5. construction places
  • 6. swimming pools

Chain Link Temporary Fence process:

Pre hot dip gal. Wire drawing— cut wire —wire welded—cut the corners of the mesh—Pre hot dip gal. pipes(ends of the horizontal pipes are smashed) welded-polish the welds-paint anti-rust epoxy-spray silver powder coat on each welds-stacking-packaging


 Package and Container Loading temporary chain link fence home depot

  • Panel and plastic feet all packing with the pallet (steel pallet)
  • Panel bulk and the plastic feet packed with pallet
  • Clips packing in the carton box




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