temporary chain link fence manufacturer

Portable self-standing temporary chain link fence manufacturer; temp fence panels for building projects and construction sites. Easy to put up and take down. No digging is required. Our panels and bases are constructed from high-quality chain link temporary fence materials. Our Temporary Construction Fence’s materials are hot-dipped galvanized for a long-lasting product. Panel ends slip over the base uprights and fasten together at the top with saddle clamps to make a free-standing fence of any length. Most economical portable steel barricade system available. The popularity of temporary construction fencing is from its relatively low cost and that the open weave does not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence.

temporary chain link fence specification; buy from china manufacturer

Temporary fence
Mesh panel
Hole size 
50x50mm, 50x150mm, 60x150mm, 100x200mm
Wire diameter
Panel width
Pipe size
Ø25mm-48mm, black pipe or galvanized pipe
Wall thickness 
Whole height
1.8m, 2.1m
As a temporary chain link fence manufacturer, we provide several optional Accessories

Plastic base: The fully enclosed plastic base can be filled with sand cement;

A hollow plastic base can be cast concrete cement in the hollow part
Iron base: Rectangular base of plate base and tube products welding.
Regular fence accessories, clips
Customization accepted
temporary chain link fence manufacturer
temporary chain link fence manufacturer

Manufacturing process:

1. Pre-hot-dip galvanized wire —wire weave
2. Cut pipes – weld the pipes into the frame—polish the welds—paint anti-rust- spray sliver powder coat on each weld
3. Tighten chain link fence panel and frame tube together


As a temporary chain link fence manufacturer, we made these temp fence panels by our facilities; Temporary Panels are easily secured, providing a secure barrier to restricted areas. Construction Temporary Fence can use at Construction Sites, commercial places, private property etc., familiar places.


Light and easy to handle
Economical temp fence – can be used time after time
Delivered accompanied by forklift for easy distribution

Specification Construction Temporary Fence

Chain Link Type Temporary Wire Mesh Mobile Fences for Security

Advantage Construction Temporary Fence :

  • Easy installation or maintenance replacement
  • It can be easily relocated
  • Minimum repair required only damaged panels to be replaced
  • Standard/custom modular sizes
  • Buy from a temporary chain link fence manufacturer, so the price is competitive.

Use of Construction Temporary Fence

  • Construction sites and private property
  • Residential housing sites and schools
  • For major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, Sports playgrounds or swimming pools.
  • Traffic control and crowd control.



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