temporary chain link fence rental

temporary chain link fence rental

temporary chain link fence rental, Chain Link, Temporary fence is also known as Temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, Temp fence, and mobile fence. It consists of a chain-link panel, round tube frame, plastic feet, stays and clamps.


temporary chain link fence rental is available in multiple sizes for different uses. The height is usually 6 feet, while the width ranges from 8 feet to 14 feet. Hot-dip zinc coating is frequently-used, while PVC coating is also popular.

  • Item: temporary chain link fence panels.
  • Size of frame: 1-3/8 in. diameter and 0.065 in. thickness.
  • Fabric: 11-1/2 gauge galvanized fence fabric with 2-1/4″ mesh.
  • height: 6 ft.
  • width: 8, 10, 12 and 14 ft.
  • stand: 16″ × 36″.
  • Hardware: tie wires, tension bands, and tension bar are included.
  • Finish: galvanized or vinyl-coated.
  • Color: silver, black, green and brown.
  • Application: residential, construction project, backyard, road, freeway, etc.
  • Construction project.
  • Backyard.


temporary chain link fence rental with the following benefits

  • Portable and self-standing panels for various uses.
  • Easy installation within minutes.
  • Available in silver, black, green and brown.
  • Hardware included.
  • No maintenance.

temporary chain link fence rental and temporary hoardings are used:

  • provide a visual barrier;
  • restrict access to unauthorized persons to worksites, events and restricted areas;
  • contain equipment and materials;
  • prevent operations within the area from impacting outside;
  • prevent materials, rubbish and debris from escaping from the worksite.
Galvanized chain link fence barrier will be made in several minutes.

specification temporary chain link fence rental

temporary chain link fence is available with the following specs but is limited,you can customize your own fence panels from us
low carbon steel wire, Q195
carbon steel pipe, Q235
AU Standard Specification
Wire diameter:2.7mm
Mesh opening:58x58mm,60mm*60mm,50mm*50mm
Frame pipe:32mm O.D.33.4m
Pipe thickness:2.0mm–3.0mm
Surface finish
(Hot dipped galvanizing)
Wire zinc coating
About 200g/m2(28 microns)
Pipe zinc coating
About 300g/m2(42 microns)
Fence base Hot dipped galvanizing sizes are suited to the pipe diameter.
Base feet size 762mm*460mm,customized colors
Package On steel pallet
Temporary Chain Link Fence /Construction Fence Panels Spec
Tubing 1¼”(32mm) 1⅜”(35mm) 1½”(38mm) 1⅗”(40mm) 1⅝”(42mm) 1⅞”(48mm)and so on
Thickness of Tubing 14ga/2.00mm 14.5ga/1.90mm 15ga/1.80mm 15.5ga/1.70mm 16ga /1.6mm 16.5ga/1.50mm 17ga1.42mm 18ga 1.22mm
Chain mesh aperture 2″x2″/(50mm x 50mm) 2¼”x2¼”(57mmx57mm) 2⅜”x2⅜”(60mmx60mm) 2½”x2½”(63mmx63mm)
Height 4ft/1220mm 6ft/1820mm 8ft/2420mm
Width 12ft /3650mm was wide acceptance by market also 8ft 9ft 10ft 14ft
Panels Size 6ft x 12ft ,8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft and so on
Diameter /Gauge 10ga/3.2mm ,10.5ga/3.00mm ,11ga/2.90mm,11.5ga/2.75mm,12ga /2.60mm 12.5ga/2.5mm 13ga/2.3m
Base Optional 1 36″ length x 30″ width x 8″Height /914mmx762mmx203mm
Base Optional 2 36″ length x 16″ width x 8″ Height /914mmx406mmx203mm
Base Optional 3 30″ length x 18″ width x 8″ Height /762mm x460mm x203mm
Standard ASTM A392-06
Steel Galvanized Steel Construction
Finish Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
Transport Packing Metal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
HDG zinc thickness 14 microns 100gram/SQM 28 microns 200 gram/SQM 42 microns 300 gram/SQM and 84 microns 600 gram/SQM

Chain link fence Panels features:

temporary chain link fence rental with the following features

  • 1). It can quickly and easily be installed without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.
  • 2). Weather resistant and durable and will last much longer; The temporary fences are light and easy to handle while being robust at the same time;
  • 3). The feet are removable, which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient


our temporary chain link fence rental with the following advantages

Accessible to Erect – four meters a minute
Light and easy to handle
Create a gate at any point on the perimeter
Economical temp fence – can be used time after time
Delivered accompanied by forklift for easy distribution
Constructed from the heavy-gauge galvanized tube and welded mesh infill

 productive process:

temporary chain link fence rental production process is Pre-hot dip galvanized wire drawing— cut wire and pipes —wire weave—cut the corners of the mesh—Pre hot dip galvanized pipes welded—polish the welds—paint anti-rust epoxy—spray silver powder coat on each weld—stacking—the packaging
This kind of fence has a fine structure; the globality, mobility and environmental suitability are perfect.

Temporary chain link fence panels feature portable and self-standing characters. They are widely used for building projects, construction sites, crowd control, a sideline or a boundary barrier. Chainlink mesh panels are usually for temporary fencing and temporary hoarding to protect the public. All hardware for panel installation is provided. They are tension bar, tension band, and tie wires, all of which are used in chain link fence installation.

Temporary construction fence chain link temporary fence for sale
Temporary construction fence chain link temporary fence for sale
Temporary construction fence chain link temporary fence for sale
Temporary construction fence chain link temporary fence for sale
Temporary construction fence chain link temporary fence for sale


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