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Temporary chain link fences are also called mobile fence mesh, temporary police. Our temporary chain link fences are reached Australian standards, which all are hot-dipped galvanized.

They are popular in Australia, America, England, Africa market…


Temporary Chain Link Fences Specs
Wire dia 13-12Guage(2.4–2.7mm) 12-11Guage(2.7–2.9mm 11Guage (3.0mm)
Opening 50*50mm; 60*60mm; 75*75mm
Application Economy Standard residential Light commercial
Coating Galvanized before weaving Galvanized before coating 200g/m2
Frame Pipes 50*50mm; 60*60mm; 75*75mm
Height 1.8m, 2.1m
Width 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.5m, 2.9m


Temporary Chain Link Fences Details


Constructed of high strength tubular galvanized tubing. Temp Fence Panel size is 12′ wide x 6′ tall. Panels are filled with galvanized chain link mesh and wrapped on all four sides to ensure longevity and ease of loading and unloading when moving from one project to the next.

temporary fences for sale


Panels stands are perfect for any ground. They are broad instances to ensure stability while lightweight and designed to stack when transporting from and to the job site.


The panels and posts are jointed with bolts or rivets, using the flat steel bar or special steel clamps; all nuts are self-locking. This also can be designed as the notable client’s requests.



Our Temporary Fences are Easy installation or maintenance replacement

It can be easily relocated

Minimum repair required only damaged panels to be replaced

Standard/custom modular sizes


Temporary Chain Link Fences Use:

  •  Construction sites and private property
  • Residential housing sites and schools
  • For major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, Sports playgrounds or swimming pools.
  • Traffic control and crowd control.

Specification temporary chain link fences infill chain link fabric mesh

Galvanized Chain Link Mesh Fence
Wire Diameter(mm) Mesh Size(mm) Roll Length(m) Net Heights (mm) Post Heights(mm)
1 5×5


500 1000
1000 1500
1.2 10×10 1250 2000
20×20 1500 2000
1.4 20×20 2000 2500
1.8 30×30 2500 3000
2.5 40×40 3000 3500
2.8 50×50 4000 4500
3.0 50×50 5000 5500
4.0 60×60 5000 5500
PVC Coated Chain Link Mesh Fence
Wire Diameter(mm) Mesh Size(mm) Roll Length(m) Net Heights(mm) Post Heights(mm)







500 1000
1000 1500
1250 2000
1500 2000
1.8 30×30 2000 2500
2.5 40×40 2500 3000
2.8 50×50 3000 3500
3.0 60×60 4000 4500
4.5 60×60 5000 5500

Packing and Loading

  • 1.  temporary fences stillage has a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroying the panels.
  • 2. it has four metal corners to keep the pallet more strong.
  • 3. it has a metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the pressure of fence panels.
  • 4. wooden plate on top which can protect the fence panels avoid being crushed by other pallets


temporary fences for sale


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