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Gumtree temporary fencing for sale; most items are imported from China, so why did you not consider buying a temporary fence from China Direct Factory? We know that Temporary fencing is a security and portable wire mesh fence with Australian characteristics, widely used in major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, and more…
When you need to purchase a lot of temporary fencing, you will google the keyword “temporary fencing gumtree for sale” or “temporary fencing for sale gumtree,” You will find many Australian temporary construction fence for sale suppliers. Still, please find the temporary fencing supplies in China because the price is best, and if you find a good supplier like us, the quality is the same as with local First, let’s analyze the quality factor. It is well known that a temporary fence system includes a temporary fence panel, plastic base, steel clamp, bracing, shade cloth, temp fence, etc. so on. If you seek temporary fencing for sale in Gumtree of Australian local and need these temporary fence panels urgently, we recommend buying from local. If not urgent, we would like you to buy from us.


Panel Size 2100mm(H)x2400mm(L)
Frame Tube OD.40×1.5mm and 2.00mm etc
Infill Mesh 60mm*150mm
Diameter 4.00mm
Surface Treatment hot dipped galvanized after welding
Zinc Coating 100gram/m2 200gram/m2 and 300gram/m2
Different specifications are available according to your request.
temporary fencing for sale gumtree

Why Buy Temporary Fence From Us

The Temporary Fencing for Sale in Gumtree May does not Meet AS4687-2007 Standard, But ours complied AS4687-2007. We got a certificate in 2019. The specification is only 2.4 x 2.1 m, 3.00 mm wire diameter, 60 x 150mm (c/c) mesh spacing, 32 x 1.40mm frame tubing, hot-dipped galvanized 42 Microns for Melbourne Customers Safest.
However, Technology is improving, and temporary fence manufacturing technology has changed significantly. But this change is a cheap, shoddy business type. A temporary fence is an infilled wire mesh welded together with a frame tube. Every mesh point should be welded to achieve a robust and wind-resistant effect. However, some profit-driven of seldom suppliers have maximized their benefits by reducing the cost of welding points, so that the temporary fence exported to Australia cannot meet the standard, its service life is shortened, and it must be replaced every few months, causing great trouble and economic cost to the end-users. The temporary fence panels produced by us have been manufactured strictly according to the fundamental requirements of customers, and their quality has been guaranteed. Therefore, they have won many Australian customers’ trust and long-term orders. Another most important quality factor is galvanized finishing for corrosion resistance; in contrast, if you buy temporary fencing, many items are second-hand temporary fencing also, most of the list items are made in china, so if you want to buy a lower price, why not consider import from china. In conclusion, when Australian customers purchase temporary fencing, please confirm the surface treatment with the supplier in advance; if you can not confirm the treatment, consider buying temporary fencing for sale listed in Gumtree cause it is truly local.


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