used temporary fence panels for sale

Used temporary fence panels for sale; Our most popular size Height: 6′ and Length:12′ is for construction, municipalities, schools, events and residential projects. Moreover, Height: 8′ and Length: 12′ for large construction and commercial projects gives you that added level of security and safety.

used temporary chain link fence panels for sale

Used Temporary Fence Panels Specifications

6ft x 12ft,6ft x 10ft,6ft x 8ft,8ft x10ft,8ft x 12ft used temporary fence panels for sale
Design North America, Australia & New Zealand
Made China
1)  Panel Specification
Panel Size 6ft x 12ft,6ft x 10ft,6ft x 8ft,8ft x10ft,8ft x 12ft
Frame 1.25″/32 mm, 1.5″/38 mm, 1.6″/40 mm round optional.
Chain Link Mesh Wire 9 ga/2.9mm, 10.5 ga/2.7mm, 11 ga/2.3mm, 11.5 ga/2.2mm, 12 ga/2.0mm optional
Chain Link Mesh Size 2″ (50 × 50 mm), 2.25″ (57 × 57 mm), 2.4″ (60 × 60 mm), 2.75″ (70 × 70 mm) optional.
Brace Cross, vertical, horizontal brace with 1″/1.25″ round or the same with frame O.D
Treatment Pre-Galvanized pipe and panel welded, then galvanized spraying or hot-dipped galvanized.
Standard (Standard panels include barbed wire as extra security)  1725-2010 – Chain – Link Fabric Security Fences and Gates.

2423-2002 – Coated Steel Wire Fencing Products for Terrestrial, Aquatic and General Use.

4687-2007 –  Temporary Fencing and Hoarding.

2)  Steel Feet Specification
Size 750mm L x 100 W x 8.0mm Wall Thick flat base or 30″ length x 18″ width x 8″ Height /762mm x460mm x203mm, (32mm) O.D. tube base
Treatment Hot dipped Galvanised;
3)  Clamp Specification
Size Specially moulded 4.0mm wall thickness for additional strength,80mm,90mm,100mm hole spacing(C/C);
Treatment Hot Dipped Galvanised;

Feature Used Temporary Fence Panels for sale

  • 1. Temporary Chain Link Fence Quality Testing; Our Chain Link Fence panels comply with ASTM A392-06 standards, having superior exposure and corrosion resistance in an outdoor construction site. 360° full welded tubular frame. All pipes are 360° full welding circled to ensure a firm fence structure. This can ensure that the temporary fencing is not damaged during the frequent moving process and will not be corrupted even in a hostile environment. Handcraft techniques manufacture. Panels are filled with galvanized chain link mesh and sometimes wrapped around the frame tube with tension bars and tension bands by hand in a rather tense way. Another option sturdy attached way. Available flat bar the use clamps to connect the two adjacent panels.
  • 2. Temporary Chain Link Fence Stands Types; Our Temporary chain link Fence Panel stands (footings) are constructed from galvanized 1″ or 1-3/8″ diameter tubing and welded into approximate 16″ x 36″ rounded rectangles. These stands ensure stability and reliability with two smaller diameter uprights welded to accept the outer frame.
  • 3. Temporary Chain Link Fence Saddle Clamp Each panel is further reinforced with Galvanized saddle clamps, nuts, bolts used to connect two panels.
  • 4. Temporary Chain Link Fence Loading Our Used Temporary Chain link Panel Fence Panels For Sale is an excellent perimeter security solution and easy to transport and secure into place; above-ground panel fencing provides a sturdy and reliable fence for many job-site applications.

 Temporary Chain Link Fence Applications

Some of the most common uses focused temporary fence panels for sale include:

  • Commercial Construction Sites
  • Housing Developments
  • Highway projects
  • Remodels & storefront renovation
  • Public Works Projects
  • Post-Disaster Reconstruction


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