canada temporary fence panels

Temporary Fence Panels



canada temporary fence panels

Weld Mesh Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing panels Powder coated Dupont Brand Temporary Fence Panel All welding infilled mesh 2″x2″  Height 6′ and a width 10′ as a standard temporary fence panels 

Temporary Chain Link Fence

temporary fencing panelsHDG1.2 oz/ft Temporary Chain Link Fence Height 4′ 6′ 8′ Height 9′ 9.5′ 10′ 12′ Available added an extra brace at temporary fence panels

AU temp fence

Australian Temporary Fence

Australia Standard Temporary Fence Panels H2100mm*W2400mm as a standard fence panels size Hot dipped Galvanized To be 14 microns and 42 microns 

heras mobile fence

Heras Mobile Fence

temporary fencing panels heras mobile fence& temporary fence panels Famous Temporary Fence Brand make a comprehensive range of construction fence to overseas

Powder Coated Temporary Fence Canada Standard Temp Fence

6 X10 temporary fencing panels made from high-quality steel tubing and wire mesh. Panels are cold galvanized and powder coated with polyethylene for superior rust protection. Hot dipped galvanizing and custom colors are available upon request.
Canada Standard Construction Fence Panels
Diameter -option2
11.5ga/ 2.50mm 11ga/3.00mm 9.5ga/3.50mm 10ga /3.3mm
Diameter -option2
9ga/3.60mm 8.5ga/3.80mm 8ga/4.00mm
Mesh spacing
2″x4″/50mmx100mm ,4″x12″/100mmx300mm 3″x6″ 75mm x 100mm
4’/1220mm 6’/1830mm 8’/2430mm
8’/2430mm 8.5”/2600mm 9’/2740mm 9.5’/2900mm 10’/3048mm
Outer Frame
3/4″/ 20mm 1″/25mm 1.2″/30mm 1.6″/40mm 2″/50mm RHS thickness 1.2mm -2.00mm
Middle frame
3/4″/ 20mm 1″/25mm 1.2″/30mm 1.6″/40mm 2″/50mm RHS thickness 1.2mm -2.00mm
1 pieces top coupler plus steel plate base
Steel Base Option 1
Length 863mm* Width89mm*8.00mm 26″x3.5″X0.3″
Steel Base Option 2
Length 760mm*Width100mm*7.00mm 30″x4″x0.276″
Steel Base Option 3
Length 600mm*Width100mm*7.00mm 23.6″x4″x0.276″
Finish 1
Fully hot dipped galvanized
Finish 2
Fully hot dipped galvanized then INTERPOL powder coated
Finish 3
Prepare galvanized
Finish 4
Prepare galvanized then INTERPOL powder coated
b>. Pvc coated Canada temporary fence with colors Top Clips
One side solid square bar, one side solid round bar with solid square bar connector. Cold galvanized and powder coated.
2. Pvc coated Canada temporary fence with colors Package:
One>There is a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroying the panels
Two>There are four metal corners to keep the pallet more strong.
Three>There is a metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the pressure of fence panels.
Four>There is a wooden plate at the top of the fence panel, protecting the fence panels from being
crushed by other pallets.

Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels

 Chain link fence panels for construction can be secure any site perimeter cost-effective active solutions for controlled security and keeping the general public at a safe distance while continuing any event build program in safety. Temporary fence chain link fence in United states standard available various of dimension to meet any level security required, a brace of chain link fence constructions fence available cross, vertical only as well horizontal only etc., Tubing welding with vertical temporary fence posting are entirely cut in an ARC shape so that horizontal pipe can correspond to each tubing perfectly, as a standard 6’x12′ and 8’x12′ good appealing with United States local market.
Application of temporary chain link fence panels 
  • Residential and commercial building
  • harsh environments, remote and extreme climates
  • construction, events, civil, demolition, mining, government
  • Event security improved and pet run etc
Temporary Chain Link Fence /Construction Fence Panels Spec
1¼”(32mm) 1⅜”(35mm) 1½”(38mm) 1⅗”(40mm) 1⅝”(42mm) 1⅞”(48mm)and so on
Thickness of Tubing
16GA/ 1.6mm thick as a standard or customized owned size
Chain mesh aperture
2”x2/”(50mm x 50mm) 2¼”x2¼”(57mmx57mm) 2⅜x2⅜(60mmx60mm) 2½”x2½” (63mmx63mm)
4ft/1220mm 6ft/1820mm 8ft/2420mm
12ft /3650mm was wide acceptance by the market also 8ft 9ft 10ft 14ft
Panels Size
6ft x 12ft ,8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft and so on
Diameter /Gauge
10ga/3.2mm ,10.5ga/3.00mm ,11ga/2.90mm,11.5ga/2.75mm,12ga /2.60mm 12.5ga/2.5mm 13ga/2.3m
Base Optional 1
36” length x 30” width x 8” Height /914mmx762mmx203mm
Base Optional 2
36” length x 16” width x 8” Height /914mmx406mmx203mm
Base Optional 3
30” length x 18” width x 8” Height /762mm x460mm x203mm
ASTM A392-06
Galvanized Steel Construction
Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
Transport Packing
Metal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
HDG zinc thickness
14 microns 100gram/SQM 28 microns 200 gram/SQM 42 microns 300 gram/SQM and 84 microns 600 gram/SQM

Australian Temporary Fence Panels

  • Temporary fence application:
  • Temporary fencing to secure construction sites and private property
  • Temporary fencing of residential housing sites
  • Temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings… etc.
  • Temporary safety fencing for swimming pools and crowd control barricades
  • Accessories such as Shade Cloth, Hand Rails & Dog Bars
  • And many other uses
We also make temp fence panels 
  • OD32mmx1.00mm 60mmx150mmx2.70mm 2.1mx2.4m 
  • OD32mmx1.40mm 60mmx150mmx3.00mm 2.1m x2.4m
  • OD32mmx2.00mm 60mmx150mmx4.00mm 2.1mx3.3m
42 microns temporary fence technical datasheet
TubingOD 32mm*2.00mm thick
Mesh Spacing60mm*150mm
Infill mesh size1736mm*2336mm
V wire number36 *sticks wire *4.00mm
H wire number17 *sticks wire *4.00mm
Finished42 microns /300 gram/SQM
Weight of panels20.5kg-22.0kg
Service lifeSalt spray Testing Result at Least five years
40HC container560 unit if covered clamp and base
PackingMetal Pallet Wrapped with plastic film
Productions TimeAll stocked
Ocean time25 days to 35 days to any port of AU & NZ
What papers do you provide after shipping containers

Main: Packing list, Commercial Invoice, bill of lading copy or draft for telex release one, balance papers


For NZ: Containers Declaration

For AU: PKD – Packing Declaration 2016 and Certificated of Original


Heras Mobile Fence

M500 Mobile Fence Anti Climb

The M500 Anti Climb is the safest and most durable mobile temporary fence for event and building site protection. It is not for nothing that Heras makes this fence available for rental. The fence consists of 13 horizontal and 88 vertical wires. The wires protrude past the tube as an extra anti-climb fence feature, so climbing the fence would be quite a nasty procedure. The M500 Anti Climb is welded on all sides, giving the intrinsically strong frame an even longer service life. More About Our Heras Fence, please check our website.
Heras Mobile Fencing M550
Width :3500mm
Mesh Aperture:35mmx150mm
Wire Diameter:4x3mm

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