Temporary Hoarding


On-ground temporary hoarding with ballast trays and blocks gives you a perimeter fencing system that is entirely reusable, movable and doesn’t require you to dig posts into the ground. This makes it a cost-effective solution & means installation is a lot quicker. It presents more minor difficulties than in-ground steel or traditional timber hoarding system.

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The solid temporary fence system is designed perfectly and can form a composite perimeter fence on site. The heavy-duty nature of the system makes it highly safe to store goods and equipment. The solid temporary fence system comprises solid temporary fence coaming, connected with the ground temporary fence column through top cap support and M10 bolts. The system has two heights of 2.0m and 2.4m. The ground column is usually excavated at 600mm to provide sufficient support to prevent damage to the panel in terrible weather conditions.

Acccessories of Temporary Hoarding

The Temporary Hoarding system includes:

  • Hoarding Panels
  • Fence Clips
  • Hoarding Ballast Systems
  • (including stabilizer trays, arms & anti-lift brackets)
  • Concrete Ballast Temporary Fence Blocks

Specifications temporary hoarding

Temporary Hoarding Specifications

  • Width: 2.1 meters
  • Height: 2.0 meters / 2.4 meters
  • Weight: 30kg / 40kg
  • Finish: Galvanised / Painted (one side) / Powder Coated (one side)
  • 0.75mm thick profiled steel cladding – two sheets overlapped in the middle and secured together with two rivets
  • Tek screws and spot welding secure the steel cladding to the outer frame
  • Channel 43mm x 35mm x 1.2mm top & bottom (8mm lip on the rear to hold cladding in place and prevent rattling)

The solid temporary fence composite fence system is usually equipped with built-in solid temporary fence pedestrian door panels for civil access and heavy steel vehicle gates. Solid temporary fence composites can also be finished in company colors to provide an ascetic pleasure and professional finish. We can paint or paint your coaming and column to meet your requirements. Due to cost savings, most buildings and construction sites choose paint finishes, but paint does not provide a perfect finish, which may run or damage. Powder coating is an excellent finish, which is recommended to be used where aesthetics is very important. The ruggedness of the system also makes it fully reusable, which means that the use of a solid temporary fence system can obtain better cost performance than the use of disposable hoarding.



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