water filled barriers with fence


We design water-filled barriers with fence included chain link fence panels and weld mesh on the top of barriers, so it usually called  water barricades fencing

  • Jersey traffic barrier, compatible with fencing
  • Sand/water fallible for stability, 653 lbs with water
  • Multiple, unique color options are available
  • Fencing Included
water filled barriers with fence

Water barricades fencing& water barriers fence. This safety barrier is the perfect barrier for parking and traffic applications. Set up a temporary fence to control the direction of vehicle traffic or block the work and construction outside the road. The roadblock can be water or sand ballast to increase weight and stability. Add fence panels to increase privacy and security in the workplace. The fence board is a 1-3 / 8 “wire fence around the frame. Water Barriers Fencing will bundle the 1-5 / 8 “poles with the panes for shipment, and Water Barriers will assemble the frame and poles with purlin clamps (included).

To buy water barriers with chain link fence panels, see here. Made from recycled UV resistant polyethylene Barrier-free forklift Fence options including purlin clips A variety of unique colors

Size and wall thickness:

Empty weight 70 pounds

Height: 32 “/ 813mm

Length 72 “/ 1829mm

Width: 18 “/ 457mm

Water filling specification:

The hose is 70 gallons of water. The total filling weight is 653 pounds. For freezing temperatures, add 4-6 ounces of calcium chloride per gallon of water


(1) 32 “x 72” New Jersey Barriers with Chain Link Fence panels

(1) Fence board with purlin clip





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